Defibrillator - Ripped Heart Comp 2014

by Ripped Heart Shows

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In the Spring of 2012, after more than 20 years throwing hundreds of DIY shows with local (and some touring) bands, Ripped Heart Productions went on hiatus.
When this hiatus started, it was uncertain if there would be Ripped Heart shows in the future or not. However, the continued passion and gratitude for our scene in mid-Michigan has made it very clear there WILL BE more Ripped Heart shows. As we begin 2014 it is time to get the defibrillator out and get the heart beating again.

This Compilation is the first step in the return of Ripped Heart Shows. The response from bands wanting to participate in this endeavor has been tremendous and extremely encouraging to know others still care about the scene as well. The hope is, with this little compilation of songs, to start promoting the bands who support Ripped Heart and to give everybody a taste of what to expect at a Ripped Heart Show.

The Compilation is available for FREE so everybody can hear it.
Name Your Own Price is available for those who want to give to help get Ripped Heart shows started again.


released February 23, 2014



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Ripped Heart Shows Saginaw, Michigan

Throwing all ages, DIY, underground shows in Mid-Michigan!

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Track Name: Chanter's Alley - Olde Jamestowne Hall
From the time you played your first number
Well all you wanted were a million more.
It didn’t matter if you’re hardcore, punk, or skin
Cause our hearts were on the stage
Band unity!
Band unity!

Old Jamestowne Hall
Was almost just a scene in itself
No alcohol!
All ages at the door
When Bryan made the show
Though there was no van
We were tearin’ up the road
From Detroit to Sag-nasty
Oh, all over the state
The different bands to
Play in those gigs
From Green Means Go,
The Peabodies, and Stand Firm
There were no stars,
No one better than,
And I hope that Ripped Heart
Is the same today


Twelve years ago
And I remember all those things
From Chuck on sound
To Spit at the door
When I threw my guitar into the woods
And Pete DDT’d two right where they stood
Oh, family was the name
When Desiring Dead Flesh would rage
And Gore Deth would murder the stage.
For SFM is was the path to end.
But I hope to wreck Jamestowne again.
Track Name: Counterfeit Amero - Shut Up Cheryl
it started as a trip to tennessee in '82
didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into
that cabin in the woods had quite the evil appeal
the bridge was collapsing, but the price was a steal
we found a book inked in blood and bound in human flesh
then bit off more than we could chew when we put it to the test
those demons lured ya into the woods, seems they've had their way
ya begged and pleaded for us to leave but there's just no escape

shut up cheryl, we already know that you're right
shut up cheryl, quit reminding us that we're dying tonight

it didn't take long for things to go wrong on that wicked night
we tried to go but the bridge was out, so now we're stuck alright
hid inside for safety but they came in you a second time
now you're reborn to kill and linda's first in line
so we locked ya in the cellar, it's too late you've had yer fun
those demons were probably right, they'd take us one by one
ya might've paved the path and shelly followed yer tracks
but she wasn't as lucky, she got dismembered with an axe

shut up cheryl, yer driving me insane
shut up cheryl, you won't break all those chains

but i leave for a minute and yer on the loose again
awaken from an ancient slumber, ya ought to be dead

this trip has turned out for the worse, now everyone is dead
my linda tried to kill me but with a shovel i took her head
now i'm the last man standing, surrounded by decay
dawn is approaching, but i'll die either way
Track Name: Harry and the Dingleberries - Support Your Scene
There wouldn't be Harry & the Dingleberries
without the support of the other bands
and of the scene
So support the scene as much as you can.

Support Your Scene

Don't just come for your own band
or your friends band
stay for all the bands
and make some new friends

Support Your Scene

Thanks to Desiring Dead Flesh
Thanks to Jamestowne Hall
Thanks to Ripped Heart
Thanks to Malcolm Tent
Thanks to Heartside Hooligans
Thanks to Counterfeit Amero
Thanks to all of you
Support Your Scene
Track Name: Desiring Dead Flesh - The End is Here
Back in the day has faded away
looking ahead see the new day
Back in the day as faded away
moving ahead seize the new day

The end of an era is a beginning too
the building blocks for something new
Debris provides a stepping stone
even though it isn't smooth
Climbing on top of the destruction
building a new foundation
not buried nor forgotten
but gaining a new perspective

The End is Near - The End is Hear
Beginning New - Beginning Now

Looking at the new horizon
from on top of a crumbled path
Moving up moving forward
Moving on from a ruined past
Climbing on top of the destruction
building a new foundation
not buried nor forgotten
but gaining a new perspective

The End is Near - The End is Hear
Beginning New - Beginning Now